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Itinerary Example 1

Day 1 - Tel Aviv

​Morning arrival at the airport, tour of ancient Jaffa from where Jonah fled from the face of the Lord, panoramic view of el Aviv, old Tel Aviv neighborhoods & Independence Hall museum.

Day 2 - Traveling Galilee

Travel to Caesarea Maritima, the Roman capitol in Yeshua's time build by Herod, continue to Mount Carmel where Elijah faced the false prophets and visit ancient Meggido at the Valley of Armageddon.

Day 3 - Upper Galilee & Golan Heights

Travel to Tel Dan where Jereboam built a false altar, continue to Banias (Caesarea Phillipi) where Peter had a revelation about Yeshua, drive up to Golan Heights to kibbutz El Rom to see an authentic war movie from 1973 Yom Kippur war, visit Valley of Tears battle place and finish at the Mount Bental overlooking Syrian border.

Day 4 - Following the steps of Yeshua

Morning visit of Mt. Beatitudes where the sermon of the mount may have been preached, visit Capernaum where Yeshua performed many of the miracles, take a boat ride on the lake and finish at Magdala center, a new archaeological site where a 1st century Jewish town (home town of Mary Magdalene) was found including an amazing synagogue where Yeshua probably have been preaching.

Day 5 - Jordan Valley & Dead Sea

Morning visit of Beit Shean the most impressive roman city ruins in Israel which was the capital of Decapolis, travel south via Jordan valley to Kasser El Yahud baptism site on Jordan river, continue to Kumran where Dead Sea scrolls were discovered, and finish in En Gedi where David hid from Saul.

Day 6 - From the desert to Jerusalem

Morning visit of Masada Herod's desert fortress, drive to Tel Arad that was destroyed by Joshua and became a border fortress of Judea in the times of the kings, continue to Jerusalem via the land of the Philistines and the Valley of Ella where David defeated Goliath. Visit Israel Museum with the model of 1st century Jerusalem and the Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea scrolls are located.

Day 7 - Jerusalem

Morning lookout from Abraham's ridge where Abraham saw the Temple Mount for the first time, continue to the old city from Jaffa gate to Jewish quarter, visit Western Wall and see a magnificent excavations of the southern steps of the Temple. Afternoon visit of Yad VaShem holocaust memorial museum.

Day 8 - Jerusalem & evening departure

Mount of Olives lookout, walk down to Gethsemane garden, visit Bethesda pools where the miracle of the lame took place, following Via Dolorosa to Church of the Holy Sepulcher and finish at Garden Tomb.

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Itinerary Example 2

Day 1 - Dead Sea

Welcome at the airport, travel to the Desert, visit Kumran National Park, check in to Dead Sea Hotel.

Day 2 - Desert day

Massada Herod’s fortress, Ein Gedi David’s stronghold, Jordan River (baptism site), travel to Galilee.

Day 3 - Following the steps of Jesus

Day 4 - Northern Borders of Israel

Tel Dan, Banias (Caesarea Phillipi), Kibbutz El-rom, Syrian Border lookout.

Day 5 - Living Stones

Visit Messianic Congregation (Mt. Carmel), teaching and worship together, visit Elijah’s place.

Day 6 - The way to Jerusalem

Meggido, Caesarea, Old city of Jerusalem lookout, check in to Hotel.

Day 7 - Jerusalem Day

Meet and worship with messianic believers in Jerusalem, tour of old city, Jewish Quarter, Western Wall, Davidson’s center / Western wall tunnels.

Day 8 - Jerusalem Day 2

Temple Mount, City of David, Upper room, praying over the city of Jerusalem.

Day 9 - Jerusalem Day 3

Israel Museum (Model of Jerusalem Jesus time and Shrine of the book), Knesset Menora, Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum, free evening (suggestion to see special sound & light show at the David’s citadel).

Day 10 - Jerusalem Day 4

Mt. of Olives, Gethsemane, Bethesda, Arab market, Garden Tomb visit and communion.

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  • Up to 300 people and more per group.

  • Organized and comfortable tours.

  • Conference tours.

  • Leaders & Staff tours.


  • Various languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, German and more.

  • Archaeological and historical visits.

  • Revelation of the Land of the Lord from different perspectives.


  • Extreme & team building activities.

  • Hiking the land of the Bible.

  • Easy going tours.

  • Fun activities.

  • Creative ways of site seeing the Holy Land.


  • Specially made itinerary.

  • Made by requests, budget and need.

  • "Out of the box" to classical pilgrimages.

  • Experienced journey that will leave a life changing impact on each participant.

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  • 3 Star Hotel.

  • 4 Star Hotel.

  • 5 Star Hotel.

  • Spa Hotel.

  • Boutique Hotel.


  • ​Field School Hostel.

  • Camping sites.
  • Travelers Hostel. 


  • Zimmers.

  • Kibbutz Guest House.

  • Bedouin Tents.

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  • E-Tickets.

  • Group Tickets.

  • Business Tickets.

  • First Class Tickets.


  • Minibus 10 seat.

  • Minibus 16 seat.

  • Minibus 19 seat.

  • Midibus 30 seats.

  • Bus up to 55 seats.


  • People Transfers.

  • Luggage Transfers.

  • From Ben Gurion Airport to Hotel/Tel-Aviv/Jerusalem.

  • From Hotel/Tel-Aviv/Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport.


  • Mini/Economy Cars.

  • Compact/Intermediate Cars.

  • Minivan/SUV Cars.

  • Wedding/Luxury Cars.

Starting at $25 per day

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  • Class Room.

  • Small Hall.

  • Big Hall.

  • Auditorium.


  • ​Class Room.

  • Small Hall.

  • Big Hall.

  • Auditorium.


  • Auditorium.

  • Concert Hall.

  • Movie Theater.

  • On the beach.

  • Park/Forest.


  • Wedding Hall.​

  • Garden.

  • On the beach.

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  • Personal guidance system.

  • Translation system.


  • Speakers, microphones, mixers, lights and more.

  • Portable Speaker System.


  • Free wifi solution on the go.

  • Free wifi on the bus or on your trip.


  • Photo photographer.

  • Video camera-man.

  • Multirotor photographer.

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